April 3, 2019 Snow Day Update/Last Day
April 3, 2019 Snow Day Update/Last Day
Len Morrow
Wednesday, April 03, 2019



April 3, 2019

Dear Manton Community/Families,


Once again I would like to update you on where we stand on our calendar.  We were hoping for an update from the state legislature regarding the issue of forgiving snow days.  A house bill, HB 4206, did pass out of the House Education Committee, but then headed to the Ways and Means Committee and has not passed out of that committee.  The legislature is currently on week 2 of their Spring Break, and we are waiting for them to resume next Monday to see where we stand.


With that being said, we really do not know if we are going to get more days forgiven.  If we do, the following may change based on the new information.  So currently we have been forgiven 9 days.  We have had 17 snow days.  That means we will need to make up 8.  As it stands, our current last day of school will be June 14th.  We have decided to stick with the current schedule and not have school on April 19th.  We know many may travel or have plans on that date, and we fell feel we may not meet our 75% threshold on that day.  Part of the legislation with the snow days is reducing the 75% threshold to 60%, but again we do not know if it is going to pass.  The pre-Labor start has given us an advantage over other schools.  We had 7 days before Labor Day.  If we would not had those 7 days in August, our end date would have been June 25th!


Again, this is the most current information we have on the end date of school and it may change in the next few weeks.  I will keep you informed if there are further changes.  Go Rangers! 


Len Morrow, Manton Consolidated Schools Superintendent