About Manton Online Learning

We are pleased to offer families a full-time K-12 online learning platform beginning the 2020-2021 school year. This option provides students with a unique opportunity to receive all of their courses virtually while still being part of our local school community.

We know many families have uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and are seeking online options for those reasons. Every student learns differently and some students may seek this option because they thrive in an online format. Some home-school families are interested in pursuing public education virtually with the benefit of maintaining a flexible pacing schedule and routines at home. Whatever the reason, we would love to have you continue or begin your legacy as a Ranger.

Why Should I Choose Manton Online Learning?

  • Access to a full-time online learning program with benefits as a member of our local school community.
  • High quality, tuition-free, in-home virtual learning experience
  • Flexible pacing with 24/7 access to curriculum
  • Local support from passionate, experienced, and professional teachers and mentors
  • Opportunities to participate in school activities and events such as athletics, counseling services, access to Career Technical Center, dual enrollment in college courses, and more.
  • Ability to earn Manton High School Diploma

Virtual Course Offerings

Manton Online Learning utilizes Pathblazer, an online platform for our K-5 students and Edgenuity for our 6-12 students. All curriculum aligns with state standards. Classes are customized by grade level and are monitored by certified Manton teachers.

For More Information and Enrollment please call your building principal

Call 231.824.6411