Welcome to the MCS Transportation Page

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Stanley Troxell

Transportation Director

MCS Bus Drivers

All of our current drivers are members in our community and six of them are Manton Alumni. We have a phenomenal staff that take part in our school and athletic activities.

Bus Driver


Kam Birgy

Red Bird Route

Deb Butcher

Orange Tiger Route

Jess Keely

Brown Dog Route

Lori Parker

Green Frog Route

Joanna Maxwell

Yellow Giraffe Route

Mikyla Murray

Green Route

Stanley Troxel

Blue Bird Route

Chris Hoover

Substitute Driver

Justin Rutter

Substitute Driver

Caleb Teed

Substitute Driver

Jessica Morrow

Transportation Secretary

Kira Holmes

Transportation Secretary

Bus Rules

  1. Stay sitting in your seat

  2. No eating OR drinking on the bus

  3. Show respect and kindness to everyone on the bus

  4. Inside voices

  5. Please, listen to your driver!!